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Made by Kristoffer is a creative agency with robust expertise in digital out-of-home advertising. Boasting 20 years of experience, we specialize in crafting dynamic digital displays that capture attention and engage viewers. We believe in the power of a digital narrative. The foundation of our digital campaigns is rooted in strong visual storytelling because we understand that the most memorable ads, regardless of length, are those that grab attention and spark interest. That’s why we prioritize a clear digital strategy before the campaign launch, which may include creating storyboards and mockups.

Advertising with great impact!

Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) allows you to reach a large and varied target group depending on location. With DOOH, you can show your messages on digital screens in public spaces, such as on buses, in the subway, LED screens in squares, shopping centers and much more, thereby creating a strong visual identity for your brand, which is more alive than classic outdoor posters. Video and animations create dynamic and relevant messages that stand out from the crowd and therefore increase your visibility and connect with your potential customers.

We are experts in producing DOOH campaigns

We have produced many hundreds of DOOH advertisements over time and have extensive experience in this creative field. There is often a battle for attention in outdoor advertising, and we are specialists in understanding the possibilities and limitations of the medium.


We create captivating digital content for a variety of formats – from towering billboards to intimate kiosk screens, interactive installations to transit displays. The starting point for every DOOH campaign is to identify the best locations and contexts for the ads to be displayed. Will it be in high-traffic urban areas, inside malls, at bus stops, or in airports? The content is crafted to suit each unique environment to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. We often suggest creating multiple versions (such as animated sequences), allowing the narrative to adapt across different screens and settings, thus amplifying reach and delivering superior value to our clients.


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